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Female Core Conversion ONLINE
Our NEW Online Workout Program
Most women feel embarrassed and frustrated when they experience:
  • incontinence
  • prolapse
  • other symptoms caused by dysfunctional pelvic core
After everything your body has gone through during childbirth, we believe that you deserve a restored body. Just because it's common to experience these symptoms, it doesn't mean that you have to learn to live with them. Take back control and get your body back with Female Core Conversion.
See Results In As Little As 6 Weeks 
  • You will see results in 6-12 weeks, doing these workouts just 1-2 times per week.
  • Our programs were developed with Physical Therapists and are approved by local OBGYNs.
Who Will Benefit?
  • Any woman, at any stage of life.
  •  Women who want a safe, non-judgement environment to address embarrassing symptoms.
  •  Women looking to fix and repair their abdominal muscle separation or rid themselves or a pooching/doming stomach. 
  •  Women who are dealing with pelvic organ prolapse.
  •  Women who have pain with sex.
  •  Any women experiencing incontinence with running, jumping, sneezing, etc.
  •  CrossFit, HIIT, or gym-lovers who experience incontinence with impact exercises.
  •  Any female looking to maintain a healthy pelvic core.
  •  Women with back/knee/hip aches or pains.
  •  Women who have had surgery, including: hysterectomies (full or partial), Cesarean sections, episiotomy, etc. 
  • Women looking to increase hip and core mobility and strength.
  •  Pregnant women
  •  Postpartum women at any stage (6 weeks to 20 years after birth)
  •  Menopausal women  
  • Youth Athletes
  • Women who are in chronic or debilitating pain or discomfort. We recommend you meet or speak with our Pelvic Floor Specialist before enrolling in the program
What people are saying:
"After finding out I was pregnant with my first child last year, I continued to workout regularly at Gymnazo. I attribute staying active as the reason my pregnancy was so enjoyable and relatively easy, and that my labor and delivery went quickly and smoothly as well. After giving birth in early April, I was able to get back to the gym relatively quickly. I am so glad they have created the Female Core Conversion classes, as there are not a lot of specialized classes like this for pregnant women and new moms that is geared toward helping us recover and heal. I love that the coaches are always so welcoming and knowledgeable. I know that I can always ask for a modification or tweak up and that they will know just what to suggest. This was extremely helpful during my pregnancy when there became some movements that I couldn’t or didn’t feel comfortable doing. I am excited to continue my fitness journey at Gymnazo and work back up to the same level I was at prior to pregnancy!” 
- C.T.
"I'm so happy to have discovered Gymnazo's Female Core Conversion (FCC) class. After my 4th child was born 4 years ago I developed Diastasis Recti. My stomach was so rounded out that I looked several months pregnant even 4 years later. I went to several doctors with no solutions offered. I dieted and exercised and nothing was working. Additionally, and I didn't know this was related to DR, I was peeing every time I coughed, sneezed, jumped or ran. Here I am this fit and nutritionally healthy person and I was so frustrated with not being able to flatten my core or be continent. By chance I discovered the FCC class and after 3 weeks of at the gym classes and doing the home exercises I am seeing my stomach flatten. I'm happy to report that I ran across the lawn and up the driveway with my 4 year old and was able to control my bladder for the first time in 4 years! I'm looking forward to keeping on with the class and getting more and more improvements."
- R.S.
“After two pregnancies within 2 years, I was struggling with incontinence issues and feeling lost in terms of how to get back in shape. I tried going to the gym, but my lower back would ache after workouts. Then I found Kaleena’s FCC class and after only 2.5 months of attending twice a week, my incontinence issues were resolved and my lower back felt fine! FCC gave me the opportunity to develop awareness of my breathing patterns and taught me how to stabilize while relaxing. Kaleena is a skilled and knowledgeable coach. Her FCC classes are a must for any woman, especially women who are struggling with how to get back in shape after pregnancy. “ 
- E.G.
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